Junior football under 12’s

Under 12’s Coaches 2016

Coaching Coordinator Craig Richardson

I have enjoyed 12 years playing senior football and the last 9 years coaching and coordinating with the juniors at Pascoe Vale. I take great pleasure in seeing the development of young people in both sport and social skills. Sports clubs are a great place for families and we will continue to improve our program each year with greater input from all. I am now in my third year as a coordinator and each year I am finding that there is still a lot more to learn for all of us.




A-Side Coach Bart Veneziano

My passion for football started at the age of 12 and continues to be. Throughout my playing days, I was surrounded with good people and was fortunate to have great coaches. Football has instilled belief and self-confidence and working together as a team, which I also carry on into my personal and working life.I feel that I have a great understanding of football which I could share with the boys. Encouragement, empowerment and to teach football in a fair and positive manner are my strong beliefs.




B-Side Coach Gonzalo Radio




       2015 coaches reviews  

       Under 12 Division 5

  • Coach:…………………….. Pino Maccarone
  • Ladder:…………………….. Seventh position (out of 8 teams)
  • Win/Loss Ratio:…………. 5 wins / 9 Losses
  • Best & Fairest:…………… Zakk Ingram
  • Runner Up:……………….. Ayman Hassoun

Coaches Review: The season began with a flying start, winning the first four games by relatively comfortable margins. Unfortunately from the competitive aspect,  that was the highlight of the year with the boys only managing to register one more win for the year, in what a number of opposition coaches though described as the most competitive of all the under 12 divisions. The boys were competitive throughout the year, only dropping their heads on a couple of occasions, with their gutsiest performance being on a cold, wet and miserable Sunday afternoon up at Burnside Heights where the team was down to only 15 players in the second half, and up against a full strength opposition. It was a game where you could have forgiven the boys for just wanting to go home and jump in to a nice hot shower (I know all the parents definitely did!!). The boys though, to their credit, played with such a resolve that they were only out scored by a single point in that second half, and that was mainly due to our poor kicking in front of goal, even though the opposition were playing with 3 additional players on the field.Though the season did not pan out as we had all initially hoped, it was extremely pleasing to see the overall development of the players, especially those that tended to struggle a little in the past to win their own ball, beginning to win the ball on their own merit. Once they began to win the ball you could see the confidence in their own ability grow which was matched by the smiles on their faces. The boys were thrown around in different positions throughout the year, which served as a new experience for many of the boys, as they found themselves in a foreign part of the ground to what they were previously accustomed. It is fair to say that on a few occasions some of the boys did say they did not know how to play in the particular position. To their credit though, they all gave it a go and a number of them even surprised themselves on how well they adapted to their new role.Special mention must go to Zakk, whom not only took out our B&F, but also was the equal top goal scorer in the competition. Overall it was a wonderful group of boys whom I was especially proud to coach.      


        Under 12 Division 1

  • Coach:…………………….. Wayne Hilton
  • Ladder:…………………….. fifth position (out of 8 teams)
  • Win/Loss Ratio:…………. 6 Wins / 8 Losses
  • Best & Fairest:…………… Jorge Sepulveda
  • Runner Up:……………….. Campbell Gray

Coaches Review: Some of the key points of the season, was the development of many of these boys as none of them had played Div 1 football before.Div 1 always means playing a better, stronger more skillful standard of football, the boys realized that, and improved week after week. They developed their skills, their ability to read the play, work together, move the ball efficiently and work together as a close knit team.It’s been nearly 10 years since Pascoe Vale had a junior Div 1 team make finals, the fact that we played a final, I believe constitutes a positive year.    

Finishing 5th for season 2015 in Div 1, I was proud to be a part of it, and wish the boys continued development for the rest of their junior footy at Pascoe Vale.

The boys always displayed great sportsmanship, win or lose.

Playing against bigger and stronger teams, some of our younger smaller players had to adapt and stood up to the challenge well. This will be a huge confidence builder, especially for the 5 bottom age boys.